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Startling contrasts in two great deserts

Namibia, an arid country of surprising contrasts, is home to two great deserts. Along its length, the vast shifting sand sea of the Namib sprawls inland along the Atlantic coastline. In the interior, the plateau slopes away to the north and east to meet the Kalahari Desert. Over the years, there have been a number of cultural influences that have all added to the unique atmosphere of Namibia. At various times Germany, Great Britain and South Africa have all governed the territory, but it was with the eventual independence of Namibia in 1990 that the country was able to develop its multi-cultural character and reinvent itself.

Things to look forward to in Namibia:

  • Climbing the world’s tallest sand dunes at Sossusvlei
  • Viewing wildlife that has adapted to the harsh desert
  • Tracking black rhino on foot in true wilderness
  • Appreciating one of the oldest Bushman rock art sites in the world
  • Interacting with the fascinating Himba people

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Why Namibia?

  • First time to Africa
  • Travelled to Africa
  • Seasoned Traveller
  • Namibia is a safari destination with a difference, famed for its remote and intimate lodges, in starkly beautiful places filled with fascinating desert-adapted wildlife.
  • This is a country famed for its expansive, sun-drenched landscapes, fascinating geology and unique cultures.
  • For a place that at first glance may seem lifeless, the reality is astonishing: there are approximately 4000 species of plants, 650 bird species and 80 large mammal species.


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  • Green Season Highlights

    • Summer allows the possibility of a 'green desert' with profusion of colour and life in the form of young antelope, grass and even flowers
    • Excellent photographic opportunities … great light, colour and subject matter
    • Summer bird migrants present in breeding plumage
  • Transition Season Highlights

    • Moderate climate with a mix of the green and dry seasons including the dynamics of a change in season
  • Dry Season Highlights

    • In the north west wildlife is concentrated in the ephemeral river valleys where the remaining forage occur
    • Diminished water availability results in high game concentrations and density in Etosha
    • Cooler and drier time of the year with day time temperatures rising towards October