Regions in Namibia

Vast landscapes surround the few cities of Namibia. The many national parks and conservancies in which we operate boast a huge variety of wildlife in a kaleidoscope of differing environments: the red dunes at Sossusvlei, lonely beaches along the Skeleton Coast, and the uninhabited wilderness of Kunene in the remote north.


The rugged, rocky landscape is characterised by valleys and dry riverbeds that carve their way through deep gorges and ancient geological features.
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As Namibia’s premier savannah wilderness area, Etosha National Park is a vast 2 270 000 hectares (5 500 000 acres) of woodland and grassy plains surrounding a massive salt pan.
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Skeleton Coast/Kaokoveld

Endless vistas across ‘fairy circle’-covered plains, ancient valleys, rugged peaks and desolate coastlines make for a fascinating safari.
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Sossusvlei is famed for its iconic sand dunes, flashing red at sunrise and rising 300m above the valley floor, and a series of dry pans and ‘vleis’.
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