Wildlife in Namibia

For a place that at first glance may seem lifeless, the reality is astonishing: 650 bird species and 80 large mammal species, of which, 14 birds and 15 mammals are almost entirely endemic to the country. Reptile species total 240!

In the far northern reaches of the Kunene, wildlife is concentrated around the Kunene River where a large population of Nile crocodile dwells. Moving south, the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park is home to high densities of game. To the west the Kaokoveld’s dry, remote and isolated wilderness boasts desert-adapted wildlife: good elephant populations as well as giraffe, lion and brown hyaena amongst others. It is in this area that the largest free-ranging population of black rhino in Africa survive. As one moves further south, densities of large mammals are lessened, but do not disappear. Plains game such as springbok, gemsbok, wildebeest, Burchell's zebra, Hartmann's mountain zebra, waterbuck, red hartebeest, giraffe, eland and endemic black-faced impala are seen.

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