Namibia Exploration: Diverse Namibia

Diverse Namibia Itinerary

As its name suggests, Diverse Namibia offers a diverse mix of experiences, from desert exploration to boating, scenic drives to walks, all in a variety of different places, meeting a wealth of different people and animals.

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Detailed Itinerary:

Days 1 & 2
Days 1 & 2
Drive from Windhoek Airport to the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Sossusvlei. Spend time on the iconic red dunes as well as scenic drives taking in the unique wildlife that survives in one of the world’s oldest and most arid deserts. We stay at Kulala Adventurer Camp.
Days 3 & 4
Days 3 & 4
Transfer by road, taking in spectacular scenery to Swakopmund, a picturesque town with an eclectic mix of European and African culture. Nights are spent at the Hansa Hotel, which forms part of city’s architectural heritage. We explore the ice-blue Atlantic coast with a “Dolphin and Seal” catamaran cruise from Walvis Bay (weather permitting).
Days 5, 6 & 7
Days 5, 6 & 7
Travel up past Brandberg Mountain (second-largest monolith on earth) via Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp for lunch to Damaraland Adventurer Camp. Game drives and nature walks showcase the stark desert beauty and its fascinating desert-adapted wildlife and incredible geological formations.
Days 8 & 9
Days 8 & 9
Transfer by road to the private Ongava Game Reserve on the boundary of Etosha National Park, the highest density wildlife area within Namibia. In the former and the latter, we experience the pinnacle of game viewing.
Day 10
Day 10
Driving south, we return to Windhoek at 13h00 where the adventure ends.

Departure Dates 2018

LanguageStartDepart FromEndFinish InStatus
English28 March 2018Windhoek05 April 2018WindhoekFull
English02 April 2018Windhoek10 April 2018WindhoekAvailable
English15 April 2018Windhoek24 April 2018WindhoekAvailable
English18 April 2018Windhoek26 April 2018WindhoekAvailable
English10 May 2018Windhoek18 May 2018WindhoekFull
English23 May 2018Windhoek31 May 2018WindhoekFull
English04 June 2018Windhoek12 June 2018WindhoekFull
English16 June 2018Windhoek24 June 2018WindhoekAvailable
English19 June 2018Windhoek27 June 2018WindhoekAvailable
English01 July 2018Windhoek09 July 2018WindhoekAvailable
English07 July 2018Windhoek15 July 2018WindhoekFull
English22 July 2018Windhoek30 July 2018WindhoekAvailable
English03 August 2018Windhoek11 August 2018WindhoekAvailable
English06 August 2018Windhoek14 August 2018WindhoekAvailable
English18 August 2018Windhoek26 August 2018WindhoekAvailable
English30 August 2018Windhoek07 September 2018WindhoekFull
English09 September 2018Windhoek17 September 2018WindhoekFull
English02 October 2018Windhoek10 October 2018WindhoekAvailable
English08 October 2018Windhoek17 October 2018WindhoekFull
English20 October 2018Windhoek28 October 2018WindhoekAvailable
English26 October 2018Windhoek03 November 2018WindhoekAvailable
English31 October 2018Windhoek08 November 2018WindhoekAvailable
English05 November 2018Windhoek13 November 2018WindhoekAvailable
English27 November 2018Windhoek05 December 2018WindhoekAvailable
English07 December 2018Windhoek15 December 2018WindhoekAvailable
English9 December 2018Windhoek27 December 2018WindhoekAvailable
English24 December 2018Windhoek01 January 2019WindhoekAvailable
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