Botswana Exploration: Okavango Channels and Plains

Wildlife on Okavango Channels and Plains

The two abundant habitats visited on this Exploration offer a fabulous combination of wildlife species. The fertile, alluvial sands on the plains of the Santawani Concession result in good grass growth, especially in the summer months, which attracts a multitude of grazers and in turn entices predators such as leopard, lion, wild dog and cheetah.

On the channels of Xigera, mammal sightings include the water-loving red lechwe, spotted-necked otter, elephant and tsessebe along with the elusive sitatunga. Predators include leopard and spotted hyaena. The area is a delight for birdwatchers and at this time of year several species are displaying splendid breeding plumage and many intra-African and Palearctic migratory species are present. This is also an opportunity to see the elusive Pel’s fishing-owl.

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