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Our guides are the vital link between you and the intricacies of the natural world. They love sharing their knowledge, and do so with passion and humour, making the whole journey seamless and interpretive from start to finish.

Our guides are all experienced and fully trained professionals, many who are skilled photographers and can assist you in taking amazing wildlife photography.

These guides are also available to lead private tailor-made safaris and specialist trips – some even offering multilingual departures.

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  • Alex Mazunga

    Alex Mazunga


    Never seen without his camera or a smile, Alex is a giant of a man in many aspects of the word. Born into a subsistence farming family, Alex grew up in the great outdoors of northern Botswana – namely the Linyanti – where his father taught him, honing his tracking, survival and general bushcraft skills. Together with these, a few years’ work experience and a guiding license, Alex joined Wilderness Safaris in 2003 making him a veteran in our industry, with years of general management and camp management under his belt to boot. A true leader – after all one is not named after...

  • Anderson Sekgwa

    Anderson Sekgwa


    Known to us as Andy, Anderson Sekgwa was effectively, and affectionately, “raised” by Wilderness Safaris. Just four years into its formation, Andy was welcomed into the arms of the company and spent nine years learning from the best, as safari assistant to stalwart and founder Colin Bell. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty – or greasy – Andy was involved in every aspect of running a mobile expedition: setting up camp, cooking, collecting water and wood, guarding camp and even became familiar with vehicle repairs. Of course, his unpretentious upbringing in a remote cattle post...

  • Brooks Kamanakao

    Brooks Kamanakao


    Born in a village along the banks of one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta, and belonging to the BaYei tribe – the people who introduced the mekoro (dug-out canoes) to the Okavango – Brooks could not be more at home on his land and more true to his legacy. Walking miles to and from his local school, wild animals were a common feature on his daily trek; and nothing has changed. ‘Determination’ is a word that leaps to mind when speaking of Brooks. His tourism career began as a casual worker, then waiter, going on to become a tracker, and eventually, but just as resolutely, a...

  • Charles Ndhlovu

    Charles Ndhlovu


    On meeting our gregarious, passionate and dependable private guide Charles Ndhlovu, you will be forgiven for assuming that he must have spent his entire life in the bush, because it is not far from the truth. Charles’ father, a game ranger himself, made it possible for his son to spend endless days in the wild. Naturally, after completing his school career, Charles eagerly followed his heart – and his father’s footsteps – into the bush. His introduction to the Hwange National Park was as volunteer assistant to the Park’s research team. During that year his potential and...

  • Cilas Mafoko

    Cilas Mafoko


    Cilas Mafoko is a naturally gifted guide with a fervent passion for the wonders of nature. Growing up in a small village, he spent much of his childhood immersed in nature while herding cattle, sleeping around a fire and learning about the medicinal properties of plants. From the word go, Cilas nurtured his dream of working in the wilderness. Appropriately placed in the Department of Tourism during his National Service, his subsequent role in a charitable organisation promoting environmental education and conservation was a natural progression. In 2000, Cilas landed his professional guiding licence, as...

  • David Luck

    David Luck


    With over 30 years of guiding experience, it is no wonder that David is one of the best in the business. A very passionate, empathetic and hands-on individual, David’s style is to turn a “nice experience” into an incredible journey. He is a master in teaching everyone from novice to seasoned traveller about wildlife and takes huge satisfaction in educating his younger visitors. An passionate advocator of wild places and an enthusiastic contributor to conservation efforts, David is known for changing people’s views and perceptions on matters of our planet. Given his sphere of...

  • Francis Kudumo

    Francis Kudumo


    Born in the pan handle of the Okavango Delta, Francis Kudumo was raised fishing from a mokoro (a traditional dug-out canoe), camping on islands around open fires and fascinated by his father’s never-ending tales of his heritage and wildlife. Despite schooling far from home, his memories of the Delta stuck fast. His mandatory national service as a teacher in a Primary School allowed him to cultivate his passion in the formation of an extra-mural Wildlife Club. With the aim to educate others about wildlife and conservation, the club organised field trips for children to visit Botswana’s national...

  • Isaac Kalio

    Isaac Kalio


    Photographic enthusiast, gifted storyteller and accomplished guide, Isaac Kalio’s early introduction to wildlife was interesting to say the least. Living in a remote village in the Lower Zambezi, Isaac’s childhood is peppered with experience in dealing with wildlife raiding his family’s farmlands by day and night. To counter this, he and his mother would spend their nights in a tree-house in the fields, waking up to chase elephants and hippos in the dark! It is hard to beat that from a training perspective. As he says, “At that time, I had no idea that in the not-too-distant future...

  • Jeremia Mwapopi

    Jeremia Mwapopi


    Jeremia was born in the far northern reaches of Namibia in a region known as Owambo land. As a young boy, his daily chores were herding cattle and goats, cultivating millet crops and collecting water and firewood. His early schooling was beneath the shade of a Jackalberry tree. During school holidays he would visit his father who worked at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Etosha National Park. It was here that he saw a pride of lions and congregations of animals at a waterhole for the first time. This was where he fostered his interest in the wilderness. After completing his schooling, his...

  • Jimmy Limbo

    Jimmy Limbo


    Jimmy was born in 1978 in the Caprivi region. He grew up in a small village called Mambali. As a young boy, he spent a great deal of his time in the bush as he tended his family’s cattle and assisted in collecting firewood and water. It was during this time that Jimmy forged his passion for nature. Whilst out in the bush, he would pass the hours watching the animals and listening to the sounds of the birds. On completion of his schooling in Rundu, Jimmy did some volunteer work for the Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), an organisation which helps integrate tourism into the...

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