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About Charles Ndhlovu

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On meeting our gregarious, passionate and dependable private guide Charles Ndhlovu, you will be forgiven for assuming that he must have spent his entire life in the bush, because it is not far from the truth. Charles’ father, a game ranger himself, made it possible for his son to spend endless days in the wild. Naturally, after completing his school career, Charles eagerly followed his heart – and his father’s footsteps – into the bush.

His introduction to the Hwange National Park was as volunteer assistant to the Park’s research team. During that year his potential and profound passion shone through prompting the senior ecologist to take him on as a semi-skilled employee. Charles spent four years working diligently and in 1989 began the long road to becoming a Professional Guide.

In year 2000 he obtained his licence, however he has never stopped yearning to advance his skills and continue to learn from the bush. In his own words: “I believe that the bush speaks volumes to us on a day to day basis. We just have to open our eyes and ears!” He also feels that one of the best places to learn, and teach others, about the wilderness is on a walking safari – one of his favourite adventures with his guests.

Charles believes that with his work comes with an innate responsibility for nature and the environment and he has a unique way of educating and inspiring others to respect and appreciate wildlife, as well as make a difference in conservation. Charles is undeniably one of our best, and is summed up superbly by one of his past guests: “Charles was very knowledgeable and professional – his obvious love and passion for wildlife, the environment and his country is inspiring. His kindness and sense of humour made everything extra-special.”

Guest feedback

"Charles went above and beyond what he had to do in order to provide a great experience for us. On mornings we were traveling he was more than willing to hit the road a bit earlier so we could have one more game drive in an area. He went out of his way to help me set up for a perfect photograph of the Milky Way after returning from our final evening game drive. After dinner he took me out away from camp for another shot at the stars so there would be no light pollution from the camp"

"Charles was outstanding. He is one of the rare Guides, who is sensitive to the photographers. His knowledge and expertise was outstanding. He is very sensitive to all parties within the Group. He was extremely courtesy and helpful to the members of the Group. The members of the Group were well informed of the day's activities as well as the next day's schedule. On days where there was an opportunity to tweak the schedule, he gave us the options to which the Group agreed on the best option. He was engaged and interested in our questions. He is one of the best Tour Guides I have had the privilege to travel with."

"Charles is a top notch guide in all respects!! He made our trip so comfortable, easy and fun !! By the time we had to leave, he felt like family !! Hats off to that wonderful man! He is a great mentor too. He made our trip fabulous !! We are so grateful to have him as our guide!!"