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About David Luck

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With over 30 years of guiding experience, it is no wonder that David is one of the best in the business. A very passionate, empathetic and hands-on individual, David’s style is to turn a “nice experience” into an incredible journey. He is a master in teaching everyone from novice to seasoned traveller about wildlife and takes huge satisfaction in educating his younger visitors.

An passionate advocator of wild places and an enthusiastic contributor to conservation efforts, David is known for changing people’s views and perceptions on matters of our planet. Given his sphere of operation during his three decades of guiding – including Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Arctic – David’s expertise goes way beyond our African borders. His birding life-list for Africa stands at well over 700 species, and over 250 species offshore.

In the field, his special interests are in photography, ornithology, mammals, walking and canoe trails, while off the field – when he finds the time – his attentions turn to the likes of painting, drawing, music, scuba diving and snorkelling, hiking and fitness.

Guest feedback

"David was amazing as a guide. His attention to detail, the encyclopedia like knowledge on the subject matter, the gentle but firm way he kept the group moving when it needed to were simply outstanding. But what made an even bigger difference was his humour, story telling and personal touch - truly made it a uniquely enjoyable trip. Having been on several trips with other guides, I can truly say that Dave is one of a kind and nd I do look forward to the opportunity to travel with him again."

"Dave Luck is a jewel in the middle of Africa! He was fantastic in every way -- knowledge, passion for his work and the wildlife, attention to every one's needs, and just an all around good human being. I would travel with Dave again in a heartbeat, and am hoping I may get "Luck-y" and pull him as leader on the trip I am doing next year to see the migration in Tanzania"

"Dave is amazing! We couldn't ask for a better guide! He was totally attentive to our needs and what animals we wanted to see and even scheduled some special meals for us. What a treat for us to have him to ourselves! We were totally spoiled as we got to do exactly what we wanted. It was also so evident a couple of times that he has more expertise than the other drivers and guides at the camp--he taught us how to tell leopards apart, which the other guides didn't seem to know, he 'encouraged' an elephant in the way of the trucks one afternoon to move on, while the other guides seemed unsure exactly what to do, and most importantly he knew the most about how to act (where to park, etc.) around a skittish leopard."