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About Francis Kudumo

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Born in the pan handle of the Okavango Delta, Francis Kudumo was raised fishing from a mokoro (a traditional dug-out canoe), camping on islands around open fires and fascinated by his father’s never-ending tales of his heritage and wildlife. Despite schooling far from home, his memories of the Delta stuck fast.

His mandatory national service as a teacher in a Primary School allowed him to cultivate his passion in the formation of an extra-mural Wildlife Club. With the aim to educate others about wildlife and conservation, the club organised field trips for children to visit Botswana’s national parks. It is therefore easy to understand Francis’s career transition, and in 1996 he obtained his Professional Guide licence.  

Before becoming a private guide, Francis spent four years at Wilderness Safaris’ flagship camp, Mombo, where he developed his interests, and now his specialties: birding, tracking and stargazing. He has a remarkable way of imparting his knowledge to others through his gentle, accommodating and engaging personality. He believes his travels to the sand dunes and other areas of the Namib Desert, as well as a circuit of the Kruger National Park has broadened his “ecosystem” horizons, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Guest feedback

"Francis was absolutely terrific - a wonderfully patient and diplomatic gentleman with an uncanny ability to skillfully pilot a Land Rover over all kinds of ground and occasionally water while simultaneously spotting animals invisible to most mortals. He had tremendous knowledge of the plants and animals we saw. His concern that we be placed in the best position for photos with proper lighting provided numerous opportunities I never dreamed I'd have."

"Francis did a wonderful job. He showed us over 130 species of animals. When we told him we wanted a good photo of a Lilacbreasted Roller, he not only found them but also put us in the perfect position for good pictures. We were even able to get pictures of the birds in flight. He tracked lions and leopards and gave us close up experiences with both. We loved spending time with Professor Francis in his outdoor classroom. We could not have had a better guide"

"The diligence and professionalism of Francis could not be faulted, his knowledge of all animals and especially birds was quite amazing. He also has a great sense of humor and lots of patience. We thoroughly enjoyed our Safari in Botswana"