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About Isaac Kalio

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Photographic enthusiast, gifted storyteller and accomplished guide, Isaac Kalio’s early introduction to wildlife was interesting to say the least. Living in a remote village in the Lower Zambezi, Isaac’s childhood is peppered with experience in dealing with wildlife raiding his family’s farmlands by day and night. To counter this, he and his mother would spend their nights in a tree-house in the fields, waking up to chase elephants and hippos in the dark! It is hard to beat that from a training perspective. As he says, “At that time, I had no idea that in the not-too-distant future this very wildlife would change my life and help me to pay for the kids’ school fees.”

When it came to inspiration, Isaac did not need much. His brother, a successful guide in the Zambezi valley, helped pave the way for Isaac who started working as a porter for a canoe safari operation after school. It wasn’t long before he was training as a canoe guide and by 2000 he was leading his own trips on the mighty Zambezi River. Isaac completed his guide’s licence with the Lower Zambezi Conservation Trust in 2004.

Three years later, Isaac spread his wings further into Zambia and began working for Wilderness Safaris in the legendary Busanga Plains in the Kafue National Park. Captivated by the magic and mystery of this remote and completely wild wilderness area, Isaac has found his happy place. Isaac is passionate about wildlife photography and his knowledge of the natural world is unsurpassed. His wit is complemented beautifully by his genteel personality and he is as enthusiastic to learn from his guests as he is about sharing his wisdom and understanding of his own country.