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About Jeremia Mwapopi

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Jeremia was born in the far northern reaches of Namibia in a region known as Owambo land. As a young boy, his daily chores were herding cattle and goats, cultivating millet crops and collecting water and firewood. His early schooling was beneath the shade of a Jackalberry tree. During school holidays he would visit his father who worked at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Etosha National Park. It was here that he saw a pride of lions and congregations of animals at a waterhole for the first time. This was where he fostered his interest in the wilderness.

After completing his schooling, his fascination with the natural world was affirmed when he was introduced to Dr Peter Morkel, the renowned rhino veterinarian. He started working as a veterinary assistant to Dr Morkel, before expanding his experience elsewhere. He met up with Dr Morkel some years later and assisted him with game capture operations in South Africa and Botswana. In 1998 he returned to Namibia to work as a veterinary assistant and game capture supervisor. In the year 2000, he enrolled in a hotel management training program and subsequently took on a job as a safari guide.

In 2008 Jeremia joined the Wilderness Safaris team as an Explorations Guide whereupon he started to lead safaris throughout Namibia. He is fascinated by geology, fauna, flora and ornithology and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with those fortunate enough to travel with him. He also enjoys introducing people to the culture and history of Namibia. When he is not guiding, Jeremia can be found at home with his wife or participating in a game of soccer, one of his favourite pastimes.

Guest feedback

"I am reaching out just to say thank you for a lovely trip. My husband, Ian, and I just returned from the Desert Dune Safari in Namibia and loved it. We had an incredible experience and saw so, so much. What made the trip the best though was our amazing guide, Jeremia Mwapopi. Jeremia is the best! He is so, so knowledgeable about everything in Namibia -- the people, the animals, the landscape, the birds, just everything! Jeremia is also very, very personable, kind, and funny. Without him, our trip would not have been as incredible. People like Jeremia are very rare in this world and Wilderness is super lucky to have him! We are very much indebted to him for what he did for us on our vacation."

"Jeremia was outstanding! Individuals on my trip constantly hammered him with both good and nonsensical questions. He fielded them all with expertise and grace. He knew so much about everything – Namibia, animals, plants, reptiles, scat…all of it! Jeremia also had a great sense of humor which was essential in dealing with our group. If I were to return to Namibia I would want to no other guide than Jeremia.”"

"Jeremia is amazing, talented and extraordinary. Once he got there he handled everything perfectly, even when there was a long flight delay the next morning – he explained why, and what was going on, and it was fine. I’ve traveled to 80-something countries, and he was one of the best guides I’ve ever had. He is a National Treasure. His not just a great guide, but an amazing tracker. It was very clear at Ongava and Etosha that everyone knows he’s better than everyone else, and other guides are constantly radioing him to ask where the wildlife is. Everyone else was incredibly jealous that we had him as our guide. He found us this huge cache of rhinos, and elephants, a lioness with 8 cubs – he knows the tracks, but he is also knowledgeable about their behavior. He could predict what they were going to do next, so he could position us for their next move. He’s also really good for photography, because he’s led all of these photography tours. We want to go on a hot-air balloon ride, which of course wasn’t on the itinerary, so he reorganized the whole day so we could get everything we wanted. He was always terrific about making sure we got to the best spot for the best light."