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About Letsogile Kamogelo

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Letsogile Kamogelo, aka Lets, is an ardent naturalist and conservationist. He was born and raised in the Tuli Block in eastern Botswana where nature dominates. His early appreciation of his surrounds were observed on the canvases and paintings he created during his favourite class – art – at school. Before realising his true passion, he spent a year teaching arts and crafts in a middle school and then studying Hospitality and Tourism.

In 2007, Lets found his vocation as a safari guide. It was at this time that he joined Wilderness Safaris and, despite a few short years away with another safari company, on his return he joined our team of accomplished private guides.

Lets’ artistic flair was soon transformed into a talent for photography during his years in the wilderness. He stepped into the limelight in 2012 when he won his first photographic award and in the same year he was published in Africa Geographic Magazine, among others. His canny way with words – and cheerful nature – also makes him a lively presenter to everyone from guests to the likes of the Wildshots Wildlife Photographic Symposium audience. In his words “Photography has improved my anticipation of wildlife and it also helps me to put my guests in the right position at the right time to capture great images.”

But wait, that’s not all! Lets enjoys walking in the wild with his guests and is an avid birder, he’s passionate about geology and has in-depth knowledge about the history of the Botswana; in fact he loves to share his part in the that history through his own fascinating legacy. And when he’s not hanging out with his wife and two children at home he’s back into his books researching and reading about the other natural areas of the world. Number one on his bucket list is a trip to South America to see the colourful birdlife and experience its diverse habitats.