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About Onamile (Ona) Lekgopho

Onamile (Ona) Lekgopho  Image

Onamile (Ona) Lekgopho’s experience and professionalism, as well as his passion to pass on his knowledge makes him a great companion to have in the bush; it is therefore no surprise that when he is not out looking for wildlife with guests, he is training and assessing his juniors.

Raised in a tribal village within the reaches of the Okavango Delta, Ona was literally born “on safari”. Keen to pursue his wildlife passion, he undertook formal training to become a guide straight out of school in 2003. His experience now includes mobile safaris – making him an expert in all Botswana’s ecosystems – as well as working in camp as a guide. To boot he has training in auto mechanics – always a handy trick when you are stuck miles from anywhere.  

His other “tricks” include photography, tracking, ornithology and mokoro poling – the latter being his favourite mode of transport in the Delta. He is also a bit of an authority on the country’s diverse cultures and with his deep-seated hunger to learn more about ethnicity, he’s likely to question you – his guest – on your own background and customs while sharing his.