Explore Africa with Wilderness Air

Flying with Wilderness Air

Wilderness Air is proud to be the air support of Wilderness Safaris, a responsible ecotourism and conservation company with private access to nearly all of southern Africa’s finest wildlife areas.

Maintaining its safety record throughout, Wilderness Air began operating in 1991, with one aircraft based in Botswana servicing two camps in the Okavango Delta. Today Wilderness Air is also based in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, operating over 45 aircraft and employing over 50 pilots from all around the globe.

We operate a varied fleet of light aircraft, chosen for their ability to transport visitors to remote wilderness destinations with short, dirt-surfaced airstrips.

All these aircraft types differ in their characteristics and are uniquely suited to different types of journey, varying group sizes and clients with different personal needs. The majority of our fleet operate on a daily circuit within the regions.

With this in notion, Wilderness Air is privileged to fly into some of the most pristine wilderness destinations in the world. We believe flying is an integral part of guest’s travel experience and therefore our pilots need to have a fundamental enthusiasm for being in such areas as well as a passion for offering guests a unique and life-changing experience.

Where we are



Botswana is Wilderness Air’s biggest and busiest operation, servicing over 20 camps and moving approximately 60 000 passengers per annum into and out of some of the most pristine wilderness areas.

Our base is located at Maun International Airport, adjacent to the terminal building, and is where the daily operations are scheduled from.

Kasane International Airport offers a smaller base for our fleet, offering guests an alternative entry point into Botswana, usually from Zimbabwe or Zambia.

Wilderness Air subscribes to the same sustainability values that Wilderness as a whole espouses. We therefore acknowledge our carbon footprint and have developed a daily circuit minimizing our overall carbon emissions.



Namibia is Wilderness Air’s second biggest operation, servicing over 11 camps and moving approximately 14 000 passengers per annum.

Namibia is a large country and its key destinations far apart, making air travel an obvious solution for travel. An average sector in Namibia is 300kilometers long. Longer sectors mean longer flights. The net effect is that Wilderness Air Namibia flies many operational hours, and carriers fewer passengers than Botswana, but these passengers all fly further than the equivalent passenger in Botswana.

Our base is located in Windhoek where the daily operations are scheduled from.

As per Botswana; Namibia now operates on a daily flying circuit minimizing our overall carbon emissions.



The main focus of the Zambian operations is the linking of guests from Livingstone or Lusaka up into the Kafue National Park.

Wilderness Air flying in Zambia is thru our key alliance operator Staravia. Staravia has been in operations for the past 30 years and is a family run business that provides a professional, personal and friendly service. Safety is a fundamental corporate value in their business which adheres to the Wilderness values by which Wilderness Air operates. Whilst Wilderness Air does not operate the aircraft, Wilderness Air Zambia is still involved in the day to day flying operations of Wilderness guests.



The base of operation for Wilderness Air Zimbabwe is in Victoria Falls.

As per our Botswana operations, Zimbabwe has taken the same principle and sustainability values of Wilderness and operating all flights on a daily circuit basis.

Most of the operations take place in the area bounded by Harare, Ruckomechi in the lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park. Within these areas Wilderness Air primarily services lodges owned and operated by Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe, namely Makalolo and Little Makalolo Camps, Davison’s and Linkwasha Camps and Ruckomechi Camp .