The Endangered Grevy’s Zebra

The Story 

Africa largest zebra, and the world’s largest wild horse, is also the zebra most threatened with extinction. Only 750 mature individual Grevy’s zebra, Equus grevyi, are thought to survive in a total population estimated at only 1 900 – 2 500 animals scattered across the semi-arid northern rangelands of Kenya and adjacent Ethiopia.

More about this species

Only a very small part of this species’ range (0.5%) is formally protected, so Grevy’s zebra rely on communal and private land to survive. They first colonised the Laikipia Plateau in central Kenya only in the 1970s and the steady conversion of land from agricultural to wildlife and low-density cattle ranching has seen its numbers grow here. This is critically important, since this area now harbours the largest single population of this species, the remainder scattered in far smaller, isolated pockets.

Where to see them

The Grevy’s zebra is a well-known sight on the Laikipia Plateau where this finely-striped horse has found refuge on privately-owned wildlife and cattle land. One such ranch is Segera, where guests staying at Segera Retreat in the centre of this wildlife corridor stand a good chance of seeing this endangered species and contributing to its conservation.

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Where can I find The Endangered Grevy’s Zebra?

Segera Retreat

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