The Swamp Lions of Busanga

The Story 

The “King of the Beasts,” Panthera leo, is lordly, powerful – a true great cat. Its strength and presence throughout the savannah areas of Africa are misleading however; this species is actually under significant threat, numbering just 25 000. The decline in numbers is mainly due to loss of habitat, conflict with humans and trophy hunting.

More about this species

Zambia’s Kafue National Park is an area where Wilderness Safaris has prioritised efforts in lion research and conservation. The lions here are known as the Swamp Lions for their unique adaptation to a habitat that is covered in water for some of the year, but they are also agile climbers of trees – an unusual trait in the species. Also unusually, the lions here have learnt to live with humans – whether the artisan fishermen of the baBusanga or around our own safari camps.

Where to see them

Lion viewing at Busanga Bush Camp and Shumba Camp is exceptional on the open Busanga Plains of Kafue National Park with an opportunity to observe them as they relax in or under trees, or even – if you’re lucky – stalking red lechwe and puku.

The Swamp Lions of Busanga  Image 1 The Swamp Lions of Busanga  Image 2

Where can I find The Swamp Lions of Busanga ?

Busanga Bush Camp, Shumba Camp

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