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    Founded in Botswana in 1983, Wilderness Safaris is widely acclaimed as the continent’s foremost ecotourism operator. We give our guests life-changing journeys in some of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa and in so doing help conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and share ecotourism’s benefits with rural people.

    We offer private access to 2.5 million hectares (over six million acres) of Africa’s finest wildlife and wilderness areas through some 50 luxury camps and safaris across eight African countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda (2017), Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our wildlife, marine and cultural safaris in remote, pristine wilderness destinations are specialised, educational, explorative and fun.

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    Latest Vumbura Plains Album

    Submitted by: Onalenna 'Onnie' Mokenti, Jan 16, 2018

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    Latest Camp News

    • Pelo Camp - October 2017
      Oct 23, 2017

      When elephant siesta time takes place next to our Pelo Camp solar panels, we have to tread carefully when going to check them!

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    • Kwetsani Camp - September 2017
      Sep 15, 2017

      The lion pride is back at Kwetsani and in numbers; meanwhile the excitement surrounding their four new cubs is contagious and our guides are as excited as the guests are to see them…

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    • Jacana Camp - October 2017
      Oct 21, 2017

      Jacana guests were entertained watching lions fail to make a kill one morning, only to return in the afternoon to see them succeed…

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    Why Choose Wilderness Safaris?

    We exist as we believe that the world's wilderness areas will save humankind.
    Our aim is to get to understand the wilderness better, to respect it, care for it and share it.