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Kalahari Plains Camp – August 2014

Aug 31, 2014  |  Botswana  |  Central Kalahari  |  Kalahari Plains Camp

Climate and Landscape
For the first two weeks of August we thought winter was over as it was quite warm, but we were in for a big surprise in the last two weeks, as temperatures dropped so low that our bird bath was frozen over most mornings!

Afternoon temperatures have been pleasant, reaching as high as 30° Celsius at times. These warm afternoon temperatures have triggered trees like black-thorn acacia, sweet-thorn acacia and worm-bark false-thorn to flower, decorating the landscape with beautiful bright colours, coupled with wonderful fragrances from the flowers.

Most of our Kalahari Plains herbivores have moved out of the pans and into the woodland areas, in search of good palatable vegetation and possibly some shelter...

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