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Ongava Tented Camp – February 2015

Mar 31, 2015  |  Namibia  |  Etosha  |  Ongava Tented Camp

Guests expecting excellent game viewing never leave Ongava Tented Camp unhappy.

T he Euphorbia virosas are in full bloom around the camp attracting quite a large number of bees, ants and butterflies. The tough succulent is eaten only by black rhino which delicately pluck the flowers and buds off the plant.

One of our guides was in Etosha and thought he had spotted a leopard in a tree, but upon closer inspection, realised it was a rock monitor, fast asleep in a tree.

Birds and Birding
It was an incredible month for ardent birdwatchers at Ongava Tented Camp and an Australian biologist left the camp with a whopping 180 birds identified!

Some of the birds ticked included European bee-eater, kori bustard and young...

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