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Hoanib Skeleton Coast, Namibia - March 2015

May 28, 2015  |  Namibia  |  Skeleton Coast/Kaokoveld   |  Hoanib Skeleton Coast

Climate and Landscape
It is still dry around Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp but there were some showers to the east of camp and the Hoanib River sporadically flooded a few times during the month. Water flowing this far south is a rarity and is often a stunning occurrence because the entire ecosystem changes dramatically, not to mention the animal behaviour is completely different.

The sightings around Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp were amazing during March. The Five Musketeers were seen a few times moving through the camp and were then tracked the next morning, often found on the banks of the Hoanib River lazing as cats do.

All the elephants have moved down to the floodplains and they just loved the lush green grass and the fresh...

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