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Mombo Camp - June 2016

Jun 13, 2016  |   Little Mombo, Mombo Camp

Climate and Landscape
June saw the annual Okavango inundation creep in over the floodplains of our beautiful Chief’s Island, covering the area with lush green grass. The channel in front of camp is steaming with hippos and brunch is a particular pleasure as hippo and elephant wander across the floodplain, putting on a show for all to enjoy.

The temperatures have dropped noticeably with highs of 28° Celsius, down to a chilly (well, for us) 11° C. July is looking to be a rather cold month where the mornings and evenings are particularly nippy and we encourage our guests to wrap up warm for their morning drive.

There is exciting news at Mombo this month: we have four very special additions to the area!

The first is our new...

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