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Damaraland Camp – February 2015

Mar 26, 2015  |  Namibia  |  Damaraland  |  Damaraland Camp

Climate and Landscape
We received 30 mm of rain during February – the first time we’ve had rain in this area of Namibia since last season’s few showers. Naturally, our landscape has changed a lot and we are seeing beautiful wildflowers while the grasses have geminated, giving the area a completely different appearance.  

Over Christmas the Oscar herd numbers increased by one new baby elephant – now, at almost two months old, it is doing very well.

Guests also enjoyed a number of black rhino and spotted hyaena sightings in the Arikana area; however, the antelope species were scattered and difficult to spot due to the low rainfall, as they move further afield to find grazing opportunities.

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Willem Basson has been...

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