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Jao Camp - May 2016

May 19, 2016  |   Jao Camp

Climate and Landscape
As we finally herald the start of the winter season, we prepare ourselves for a busy time ahead. We welcomed guests from all over the globe, arriving at our shores to enjoy the warmth and hospitality that Jao is famous for. With our cooler mornings the temptation is to spend a little more time in bed, but blessed are the visitors who rise early to experience the fresh Delta air. There are few places in the world where vistas are as spectacular as these, from the golden sunrises to the crimson red of dusk and our dazzling starry skies.

Water is what distinguishes the Okavango from the rest of arid Botswana, and water is what we have in blessed abundance right now, snaking through the Delta offering its precious...

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