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Kalahari Plains Camp – March 2015

Apr 20, 2015  |  Botswana  |  Central Kalahari  |  Kalahari Plains Camp

Climate and Landscape
Over the past two months we have experienced a steady rise in temperatures at Kalahari Plains, though the last week of March was very pleasant, having some cloud cover and a few showers to help cool us down. It finally rained properly and we recorded 43 mm of rain on the 30th of March, after almost three months without any good rain.

Despite the fact that it was hot and dry, game viewing at Kalahari Plains was phenomenal. The springbok were all lambing and this provided a good food source for most of the predators. Guests had the opportunity to witness a few hunts and kills as jackals were also seen hunting the springbok lambs. These jackals have turned the camp waterhole into their hunting ground,...

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