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Seba Camp – September 2014

Sep 30, 2014  |  Botswana  |  Okavango Delta  |  Seba Camp

Climate and Landscape
The whole afternoon the sky had been threatening rain, but rain at Seba in September? Unlikely, according to the guidebooks. Nevertheless, we stepped out onto our porch to the sound of the quickening pitter-patter, the smell of the dust settling and the earth’s freshness rising.

It’s a new season. Those few drops may have been the only rain so far, but it’s an intimation of what is to come. There have been other signs. The chameleons are back after a four-month hibernation. The sausage trees, mangosteens and fever berries are pushing out new leaves. The sycamore figs are fruiting, attracting animals of every size — wasps and ants, fruit bats, monkeys and elephants. There are lovely snowy blossoms on the usually...

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