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Davison's Camp - June 2015

Jul 29, 2015  |  Zimbabwe  |  Hwange  |  Davison's Camp

Climate and Landscape
As we get further into Hwange’s winter, the last hints of green grass have disappeared, being noticeably shorter in the open vlei lands, which are now a honeycomb yellow. The initially clear, bright blue winter sky has turned hazy just above the horizon as the landscape has become dustier, which makes for an incredible deep orange moon when it rises and its light shines through the particles in the atmosphere.

The green tops of the false mopanes and teaks look out of place in such a stark landscape. The glistening red seeds of the false mopane are little bursts of colour in their green foliage which all the animals seem to enjoy – from the noisy Meyer’s parrots to the naughty baboons. Only a handful of the very...

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