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Ruckomechi Camp – October 2014

Nov 21, 2014  |  Zimbabwe  |  Mana Pools  |  Ruckomechi Camp

Climate and Landscape

The last spell of the dry season is upon us at Ruckomechi and the dry savannah bushveld has succumbed to the intense heat and dry air. However, fresh shoots of mopane leaves provide some relief in the otherwise dull and dry landscape, offering the hope of new life in the near future once the rains come.

One cannot help but notice the beauty of the Zambezi tail flower in full bloom. Invasive alien species such as the datura and Mexican poppy now dominate the vegetation as their pods complete the last process of their seed dispersal. In the floodplain, game and large herbivores such as elephant and hippo compete for the scarce remnants of vegetation. In the heat of the day, human, beast and vegetation alike all...

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