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Davison's Camp - August 2015

Oct 8, 2015  |   Davison's Camp

Climate and Landscape
As it warms up and dries out further, many of the leaves on the trees – like the teak, rosewood and ordeals – have turned lemon-yellow, silvery black or various shades of parched brown. There are drifts of these colourful carpets all over the woodlands now which the August winds have blown down. There are also splashes of red around the bases of the rosewood trees – between the wind and the parrots a little crimson shower of the rosewood seeds falls throughout the day.

The waterholes are showing signs of pressure as the dry season really gets underway – some seem to be expanding before our eyes as the elephants work away at the banks to dislodge mounds of earth to mix with the water for their mud packs. The areas...

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As well as providing guests with incredible elephant interaction experiences, Abu Camp’s more significant reason for being is to operate as a centre of excellence for elephant conservation and research and be ambassadors of these critical issues... While the Abu herd which lives in the camp allows researchers and guests alike to observe and even participate in the daily life of elephants, it is perhaps...

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