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Vumbura Plains - November 2016

Nov 11, 2016  |   Vumbura Plains

Climate and Landscape
Summer has truly arrived at Vumbura now as we are experiencing very high temperatures, with the highest recorded at 44° Celsius. The rains, however, have been teasing us with a maximum of just 20 mm falling this month… but we know that it is coming! Even with the small amount of rain the grass is already green while the trees are turning green and looking great.

Game was really good this month, especially sightings of the wild dogs. Our Golden Pack showed up a few times and, most impressively, another pack has also been around. This is a big pack consisting of 25 dogs. Usually only the alpha female breeds but this pack’s beta female has also given birth to a few pups and we are happy to say that all the...

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Today, after almost six weeks in the boma, we released the black rhino mother and her calf. We had picked up the calf at one week old, and so he is now about seven weeks old. It has been quite extraordinary to watch him develop at this young stage. For example when we first picked him up, his horn was completely flat but by release he had a small hammer developing on his nose. The injuries around his...

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