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Davison’s Camp – October 2014

Nov 28, 2014  |  Zimbabwe  |  Hwange  |  Davison's Camp

Climate and Landscape
The transformation of the trees is what has been most striking at Davison’s Camp this month and a beautiful canopy of green leaves has softened the barren landscape. Because of the brilliant rains at the beginning of the year, the grass, although patchy, still remains in some places which would normally be dust at this time. The great herds of buffalo haven’t had cause to tramp through these areas as grazing further afield is still good – and with a pride of 25 lion lurking on our Concession that is another incentive to stay away. The devil’s thorn or Bushman’s soap is sending out its creepers and the grey-green leaves with the soft purple flowers often draw the guides to stop and show off its remarkable properties,...

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