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Linkwasha Camp - August 2015

Oct 6, 2015  |   Linkwasha Camp

Climate and Landscape
August was an exciting month at Linkwasha with a plethora of wonderful wildlife sightings in and around camp.

August, the windy month, saw a dramatic increase in daily temperatures as we moved into spring, with an average high of 30° Celsius, while the mean low was 10°. The vegetation continues to dry out, and the landscape is mostly golden in colour, with only a few trees and bushes able to retain their green leaves.

August was a month of tremendous sightings for guests at Linkwasha. As the natural waterholes dried up, the animals flocked to the pumped pans in their numbers, providing the perfect stage for nature's drama to unfold. At Back Pans, a pride of 13 lion were caught stalking a herd of zebra....

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