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Kalahari Plains Camp – September 2014

Sep 30, 2014  |  Botswana  |  Central Kalahari  |  Kalahari Plains Camp

Weather and landscape
Summer is fully here at Kalahari Plains Camp! We recorded moderate morning temperatures of around 22° Celsius, with afternoon temperatures gradually increasing, going as high as 38° Celsius while at night temperatures drop again to about 20°, typical of this semi-arid area. During the second week of the month the concession was hit by a veld fire which went on for almost two weeks affecting most of the southern, eastern and western sections around the camp, but missing a few parts to the north of camp. Just before the fires, velvet raisins were decorating the area with their yellowish flowers and in some parts of the area which were missed by the fire we have seen the beautiful pinkish colours from Kalahari...

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We had seen two wild dog at Hwange’s Madison Pan on an early morning drive and decided that we would venture back there with the GoPro to see if they appeared with the rest of the pack and the pups for an evening drink. Knowing that we had to stake the GoPro in soft sand, we again placed it opposite the site where the fresh water is pumped into the Pan, and overlooking the Madison Plan sleep-out deck ....

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