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Hoanib Skeleton Coast - May 2015

Jul 1, 2015  |  Namibia  |  Skeleton Coast/Kaokoveld   |  Hoanib Skeleton Coast

Climate and Landscape
Mornings started out a little chilly with fog covering the hills and the Hoanib River. As the days warmed up, the fog burned off and the landscape took on the appearance of a different planet altogether.

With winter approaching, our days are shorter and they tend to be a little nippy, so guests are always offered a warm blanket around the fire or throws during their meals to provide extra cosiness. After dinner they enjoy Amarula hot chocolate to warm them through.

With a home range of more than 12 000 square km, the desert-adapted lions move often in search of prey to hunt. Pictured is one of the two females – mothers of the ‘Five Musketeers’ – watching gemsbok (oryx) in the Hoanib riverbed. These...

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