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Jao Camp - June 2017

Jun 14, 2017  |   Jao Camp

Climate and Landscape
There is a very real winter feel in the air most mornings. Even northern hemisphere guests, who are used to much colder weather, feel the need to dress in several layers as the final temperature-drop before sunrise coincides with breakfast. But this is nothing that a cup of hot filter coffee, a hot-water bottle and a vehicle poncho cannot remedy.

The mercury has not dropped below 6° Celsius and quickly heads for the mid-twenties, though not quite reaching 30° C. The real-feel is affected some days by the wind-chill factor from the breeze, but this has so far been well-balanced by moving closer to the after-dinner fire, with a blanket draped over the shoulders and an after-dinner digestif in hand.

Flying in...

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