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Seba Camp - Decemer 2016

Dec 23, 2016  |   Seba Camp

Climate and Landscape
December at Seba was very hot, though around mid-month we enjoyed a few rain showers that lasted two days. The highest temperature recorded was 43° Celsius and the lowest 19° C. We were lucky to receive 18 mm of rain to cool us down while the cloud cover also set us up for beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

December was another productive month, with the Abu Concession proving that it is a place of true abundance when it comes to wildlife.

It was also clearly the “month of predators” with lion spotted on almost three-quarters of the days of the month; cheetah, leopard, wild dog and hyaena were also seen.

Our guests saw three cheetah north of Whistling Duck Lagoon while five of these slinky cats were...

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