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DumaTau Camp - April 2017

Apr 3, 2017  |   DumaTau Camp

Climate and Landscape
April was an amazing month with late rains. We recorded some 27 mm for the whole month with most of it in the last week. Our average maximum temperature was 26° Celsius thanks to the cloud cover; the minimum was 11° C. Most days it was very pleasant being out on game drives.

We experienced a couple of earth tremors in northern Botswana, the highest being 6.5 in magnitude – thankfully no major damage was done. The tremors took everyone by surprise as the last time we experienced anything like this was a decade ago.

Leopards and lions were seen as were the wild dogs, the Zib Pack. We had a very special sighting of two new young male lions that have taken up residence in the area; meanwhile, the females from...

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