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Seba Camp – January 2015

Mar 6, 2015  |  Botswana  |  Okavango Delta  |  Seba Camp

Nothing is more dramatic in the bush than a wildfire. After a very dry December and first half of January, the channels had all but evaporated, and the grass and sedges were like tinder. Some might think that a bushfire is destructive and frightening, but our savannah ecosystem actually depends on fire to remove dead, moribund material and rejuvenate the soil. One of the interesting things about a fire such as this one is that it very seldom burns (and kills) the large old trees. The trees’ bark acts as a fire-retardant and although the leaves may be singed, the fire moves on to more easily combustible grasses and dead trees.

A good team effort was coordinated to ensure our guests and camp were kept safe, and the rest was left to...

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