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Davison’s Camp – May 2015

Jul 4, 2015  |  Zimbabwe  |  Hwange  |  Davison's Camp

Climate and Landscape
Winter is here! Day by day the grass is getting drier and slowly thinning out, exposing more termite mounds, which are often excitedly mistaken for lions! The reeds in the pan are still thick, providing a home for a variety of birds including Egyptian geese, white-faced ducks, grey herons and our recent resident fish-eagle. The puddles along the roads have dried up with only a few left at the Ngamo vlei now.

The chill of the already-fresh Hwange mornings has gradually strengthened and during the course of May everyone was forced to keep their warm jackets and pullovers on for longer and longer, guests often only starting to peel off the layers after returning from game drives at 11am. Our minimum this month was a...

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