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Pelo Camp - May 2016

May 21, 2016  |   Pelo Camp

Climate and Landscape
This month showed us that winter is really on its way. It has cooled down a lot and even the days are no longer too warm either. Mornings start out chilly and then warm up to around a comfortable 24° Celsius.

There were almost no clouds in the sky at all for the entire month of May. This gave us amazing opportunities to do some stargazing from our pool-, fire- and main decks. All of these have amazing open views to appreciate the dazzling stars above. On moonless nights the stars really come to life and more can be seen than can ever be counted. Some of the regular constellations to look for are Orion, Scorpio, the Southern Cross and so many more.

The inundation has stopped rising and the waters have started to...

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