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Linkwasha Camp - February 2017

Apr 20, 2017  |   Linkwasha Camp

Safari Time

Green season safaris are, without a doubt, the most exciting! Linkwasha has not been too far from the action, as the sprawling Ngamo Plains have provided the stage for many a spectacle over the course of the month. 


Herds of wildebeest graze serenely as far as the eye can see, their young calves nestled in the centre of the group away from any potential dangers. The bulky frames of eland line the edge of the plains, the dense vegetation behind them providing ample cover should their shyness get the better of them. Zebra and impala roam the vast vlei, nibbling on the nutrient-rich grasses that have transformed this desolate dust bowl into a herbivore’s haven.

In the afternoons the elephants come out to play in...

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