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Hoanib Skeleton Coast - August 2016

Aug 21, 2016  |   Hoanib Skeleton Coast

Climate and Landscape
Hoanib had a foggy and cold August, as one would expect!  The sightings were as amazing as ever and guests had a fabulous time all around.  

In early August another three of the famous ‘Five Musketeers’ were poisoned mere hours before they were due to be translocated out of a fraught human-wildlife conflict situation. Their phenomenal legacy is now left to one survivor, XPL-93 ‘Tullamore’. He was moved to the Uniab Delta but within days started moving back to Tomakas and the area where his brothers were killed. But then, as was hoped, his luck turned and en route he encountered the Okongwe lionesses at the Okongwe waterhole. He subsequently mated with one of the females and has remained with them ever since .

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