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Mombo Camps - December 2015

Dec 6, 2015  |   Little Mombo, Mombo Camp

Climate and Landscape
The rains have come at last! Although not as much as our very dry area needs, the rain was enough to change the dry yellow grasses into beautiful green hues. Even with just 50 mm of rain recorded during the month it definitely made a huge difference. Areas which were dull and grey have sprung to life, the dusty-looking trees now look clean and the area has a fresh new glow about it.

While the rain helped, the temperatures were still high, averaging around 35° Celsius this month and with the threat of rain, often the humidity was also high. Beautiful build-ups of storms were spectacular to watch but unfortunately often resulted in high winds and no rain. We may not be getting the rain at Mombo but it is very...

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