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North Island - January 2015

Feb 26, 2015  |  Seychelles  |  Inner Islands  |  North Island

This month we welcomed back a familiar visitor: a very large female hawksbill turtle which has been laying eggs on East Beach right in front of the Piazza in the last few weeks. Amazingly, she has been returning to North Island since 2008 to lay her eggs. She has been seen 21 times over the last seven years and has only skipped two breeding seasons within those seven years which is an incredible feat for a turtle.

Typically, turtles breed only every second year and can lay up to three clutches of eggs in a single breeding season. This female has laid 13 nests during those seven years, and the majority of her nests have been on East Beach. This season, the female seems to have a preferred spot to lay her eggs – right in front of the...

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