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  • Jacana Camp
    Shared By: Dana Allen

    Jacana Camp

    Jul 2, 2015   |  Botswana   |  Jacana Camp

    Glide seamlessly along the waterways of Jacana in a mokoro (a traditional dug-out canoe and spot some of the small fascinating creatures of the Delta – maybe even hippo...

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  • Jao Camp
    Shared By: Dana Allen

    Jao Camp

    Jul 2, 2015   |  Botswana   |  Jao Camp

    Photo highlights from Jao - a sophisticated Okavango Delta retreat. Jao’s position, amongst waterways and lagoons, yet close to dry Kalahari woodland, means you can...

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  • Pangolin
    Shared By: Anitra Aunio


    Jun 25, 2015   |  Zimbabwe   |  Ruckomechi Camp

    Our excellent driver Engilbert spotted a pangolin in our game drive.

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  • Toka Leya Camp
    Shared By: Wilderness Blogger

    Toka Leya Camp

    Jun 29, 2015   |  Zambia   |  Toka Leya Camp

    Toka Leya near the Victoria Falls in Zambia is the ultimate place to spend a few nights before or after a safari, especially now that we’ve completed a refurbishment...

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